Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gettysburg 150 years later...

The Reenactors are coming to Pheasant Field B&B!  

Tomorrow a "Union Army Surgeon" checks in to Pheasant Field B&B with his lovely lady.  They will be participating in educational sessions on the battlefield, marching in the parade and attending other events at Gettysburg.
On Sunday, members of the 8th Illinois Cavalry stop here at Pheasant Field to rest their horses before moving on to Gettysburg for the battle.

Now you may think that hosting troops here is just a story that I fabricated, but read what the late Robert Grant Crist described as happening on June 28th, 1863:

"When the Lord’s Day began, the old devil Jenkins was camped out near Hickorytown 13 miles west of the Susquehanna River."

There is a very good chance that troops were camp right here at Pheasant Field farm because there was water available for their horses right across the road from our B&B.   There were also 2 Taverns in the little village of Hickorytown so the officers could have had very nice accommodations while the rest of the troops camped by our pond.
Joseph Cress recently wrote about the occupation of Mechanicsburg in our local newspaper. Read on.

If you would like to attend all the events in Carlisle and Gettysburg in remembrance of that battle, you're in luck.  We just had a cancellation so one room is open for July 3 & 4.  Make your reservation now!

While Gettysburg has captured the headlines, there are lots of other happenings in the Carlisle area - Summerfair 2013 has fun for all ages and it's all FREE!  This celebration is the very best of "Small Town USA"!  Come for history and have some local fun too!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer in the country

Fireflies & Bullfrogs!  Those are just two things that tell me summer is here.  There is nothing quite like sitting on the front porch swing at dusk and watching the fireflies do their lightening/courting dance. Come to Pheasant Field B&B for a relaxing time this summer!

Today we stacked 200 bales of hay in our 200-year old barn.  It may be summer now but the grass will turn brown in a few months and the horses will enjoy the wonderful timothy hay we stored away for them today.  ...all in a day's work at Pheasant Field B&B!

This weekend we welcome Alumni from Dickinson College.  Everyone is out tonight for the parties in town.  Tomorrow morning one of our alums will go out for some fly fishing. So that means an early breakfast of waffles topped with fresh (just picked today) strawberries!

Next weekend we look forward to welcoming our usual GM Car Show crew! Bobby Allison, a NASCAR legend, will be in Carlisle during the show next week. 

At the end of June, you can meet the real hero from the movie "Argo". The Carlisle Theatre will feature "Argo" along with a Q&A time with Tony and Jonna Mendez.  This special event is a fund raiser to benefit the Theatre.