Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Signs of Spring!

I have a confession to make -- I have a real love/hate relationship with the month of March!  I wonder how we can go from Monday's snow storm - see below -  to Wednesday's nice, sunny day filled with lots of crocuses and early tulips!   March can be a real winter wonderland one day and seem like early summer season just a day or two later. 

The thing I love about March is the sense of expectancy.  When I take a hike on the Appalachian Trail and look at all the trees and shrubs, I can tell that nature is just ready to burst out and say "Hello again world"!

What I hate about March is the mud!  I can brush my horse, Malcolm, and as soon as he goes outside again, he rolls in the messiest, muddiest area of the pasture that he can find!  When I turn out the horses in the AM, there is mud all around the water hydrants.  If I'm not careful, the mud can actually suck the shoes off my feet.  What a mess in the month of March!
The view from our front porch, Monday March 25, 2013
Spring crocuses March 27, 2013

Early tulips March 27, 2013

Work begins again March 27, 2013

Here is another sure sign of spring - the workers have re-started the siding on the remainder of our barn! For the past two months I have been reporting that work would begin soon... Now it's official!  No more painting the barn siding!  The barn will look great for the wedding season here at Pheasant Field B&B! 

March is also the end of voting for Harrisburg Magazine's "Simply The Best B&B" and other shops and services.  Go vote now - while you are sitting at your computer!  Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Spring is a wonderful time to plan a visit to Carlisle PA - for fishing, hiking, studying history, or shopping for fine crafts -  come stay with us and relax and rejuvenate!

Now, move along March so we can celebrate a real SPRING!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Green in Carlisle PA

March is all about going, growing and wearing GREEN!

Spring is on its way and things are turning green here at Pheasant Field Bed & Breakfast.  The crocuses are already blooming, the daffodils have buds on them and the tulips are two inches high. Soon Chuck will be using his favorite green machine - the John Deere lawn tractor - to mow all the acres of grass on our property.  Yes, green and bright  yellow  are my two favorite colors of spring!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day.  That means "the wearin' o' the green".  We will not be serving any green beer here at the B&B - but you are welcome to bring your own!  Irish Soda bread will be on the menu for breakfast tomorrow.

We have been "green" here at Pheasant Field B&B for many years. We recycle and invite guest to help too by using the special recycling containers in each room.  Last year we told you about the installation of our solar hot water system.  We are happy to report that the system is working very well and generating lots of hot water. We are pleased to be using less carbon based fuel (oil) to give you a nice hot shower!  In PA, we can choose energy suppliers.  We have chosen to use a PA based company which uses wind energy to produce power!  That's just one other green effort from us.

Solar Hot Water at Pheasant Field B&B

With spring, the wanderlust factor in all of us begins to emerge!  It's time to do some traveling and the Carlisle area has lots of spring events to keep you busy. The car show season begins,  ski season is replaced by zip lines and OGO balls, the farm markets and nurseries are gearing up, and soon the art and craft show season will be upon us.  Visit the Cumberland Valley this spring and stay at "Simply the Best B&B" as voted by readers of Harrisburg Magazine!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Ahead at Pheasant Field B&B

It's time to change the clocks - "Spring Ahead" into daylight savings time!  That means that spring really is just around the corner with flowers ready to burst out with color.  Here are some of our crocuses before the (very small) snowstorm we had this week.

After the snow, we had some interesting visitors near the pond...Snow Geese!  These birds have a special call that is unmistakable. Here you can see them in the snow with some of the Canadian variety nearby.

The daffodils will be blooming soon so it's time for a spring getaway to Pheasant Field B&B.
Meadowbrooke Gourds will be having their Spring Open House next weekend.  They have lots of cute bunny gourds and egg gourds to get you into the springy feeling.
Ashcombe Farm & Greenhouses will hold a seminar on pruning your perennials on March 23rd - just in time to get your garden growing right!

March 31st also brings the end of voting for "Simply The Best" in Harrisburg Magazine. It takes quite an effort to make your ballot valid because you must complete at least 30 categories. We really appreciate your time in casting your ballot! Thank You!

So there are 3 things for you to remember:
1. Turn your clocks ahead one hour tonight!
2. Vote for Pheasant Field as Simply the Best B&B
3. Plan a springtime getaway now!