Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring herbs

The warm weather has been wonderful for our little herb garden.  This week I used my first fresh - really fresh - herbs from my own property!  There are fresh chives, which I used in an egg dish, and fresh parsley which I used mostly for garnish.  But it is so nice to be able to just run outside and cut the chives as I'm ready to use them! 

I remember when... My grandmother used to cut dandelion and make a wonderful salad with the tender young plants. Of course, she would make her own hot bacon dressing to make it yummy (and maybe a bit less healthy). I have been adding a few young sprouts of dandelion to my own salads at lunch time.  Make sure you find young plants so they are still tender and sweet.  I read a blog last week from a local plant guru who wrote that the wild onions growing in the lawns can also be used for cooking!  I think I will have to try it!
The other wonderful garnish that's available now are pansies!  Yes, you can eat them, but mostly they dress up a plate of special eggs and make the whole look pretty!

Whatever your favorite spring herbs are, go use the really fresh stuff available right now!

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