Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Fun + Cars + Art + Ballet in Carlisle PA

The Carlisle GM Nationals car show was held last weekend at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. One of our guests entered his 1963 Buick Riviera in the Show Field Competition and won 1st Place in his class!!! The car had belonged to his grandparents and was well maintained over the years.  Congratulations Darrell on your winning entry! 

We also have some artwork being produced here at the B&B.  This talented person had not painted in over two years, but now has a bit of free time as his daughter takes ballet classes with the Central PA Youth Ballet. It's great to see what a little free time and relaxation can allow a busy person to create!
Here is the subject for the artist: the interior of our horse barn.

The resulting artwork makes our place seem even more serene and peaceful.

Beginning on Thursday, June 28th, it's time for SummerFair in Carlisle! This week-long celebration represents the BEST of "small town USA"!!!!  All events are FREE including ice cream after the Friday night parade, the musical, "Pajama Game", a concert by the Harrisburg Symphony, historic walking tours, and fireworks and more! "The original staycation" began 35 years ago and just gets better every year. Come visit Carlisle, check out the schedule of events, and enjoy a restful stay at Pheasant Field Bed & Breakfast - and do it quickly before the Chryslers come to town!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fireflies, Fords, & Friends at Pheasant Field Bed & Breakfast

You know it's summer when the fireflies start their own style of fireworks!  Those "lightening bugs" are putting on quite a show these days in the grassy areas around Pheasant Field.  Sitting on the front porch swing with a cool drink is one of THE best ways to spend an early summer evening. Come to Pheasant Field B&B for the light show!

We welcomed some Dickinson College Alumni back to Carlisle this weekend.  It was a beautiful weekend to meet with old friends and just enjoy the shade on campus.

During the first weekend in June, the All Ford National Car Show was held at Carlisle Fairgrounds. Check out all the Fords that made Pheasant Field B&B their home base during this event:
OK - it's not necessarily a "collectable" - but it is a Ford product!

The owner of this Focus also brought a show car.

The owners of this Fusion left their classic Mustang at home - but they enjoyed the show anyway.

Now THIS is a real classic!


This Ford truck pulled a trailer hauling a Shelby.

Mustang????????? Maybe not a Ford mustang, but this girl was also a guest here during the Ford weekend.

This truck carried the Mercury wagon seen in the next picture!

Mercury WAGON!
Getting all shined up for the show!
This was the year for the Shelby's to be in Carlisle!
Another nice classic!
Dee's 2010 Fusion Hybrid and her '95 F150 (farm truck) were also part of the Ford Collection last weekend.In fact, there was only one vehicle parked here that was NOT a Ford -- it was Chuck's Nisan Murano....hmmmm, now what's with that?!?!