Monday, October 1, 2012

Final Car Show for 2012 in Carlisle PA

It's hard to believe that it's October!  This weekend will mark the end of car show season in Carlisle PA - a sure sign that autumn's nip will soon be in the air.    We welcome back our vendors - some of whom have been staying with us for 17 years!  It's great to have the whole crew back with us again.

Our equine snowbirds have started to reserve their rooms for the migration south to warmer climates. Last night we had two Shires (along with their human, canine and feline friends) stay on their way from NH to FL.  Tonight, an equestrian guest is traveling from VT to VA and then on to SC.  It's interesting that the equine guests seem to remember this layover spot as they step out of the trailers. You can almost see the sigh of "I'm here" from the horses as well as the drivers! 

As I write this note, we have 3 sisters and one daughter/niece staying with us for a girls' getaway.  They are a fun bunch! Tomorrow they will visit the Kitchen Shoppe and Bedford Street Antiques before trying one of Carlisle's great restaurants. 

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit the Cumberland Valley. Come stay and hike, fish, see a show, enjoy wonderful restaurants, and maybe even just relax!  Find accommodations at Pheasant Field B&B and enjoy your fall getaway!

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