Friday, May 4, 2012

Planting a tree at Pheasant Field B&B

The great shape of these trees grabs your interest and makes you want to explore the bridge and sit by the pond under the pergola. So, we just had to replace the lost tree with another just like it!  Well as you can see, the new tree is just as tall as the one beside it - but it has A LOT of "filling out" to do!  Let's hope that the weather is favorable for a wonderful growing season for our new Weeping Nootka Cypress tree!

We have babies!  We know these little birds will grow and grow and grow!  Soon we will not be able to distinguish the babies from the mom and dad!
First Friday is happening in Carlisle PA this weekend!

Take a hike!  ...A full moon night hike on Super Moon Saturday! The hike will take place at nearby Pine grove Furnace State Park. Hear the sounds of the night in the woods and see the largest full moon we will experience for a very long time.

Come to Carlisle PA and find a Better Way to Stay - at Pheasant Field Bed & Breakfast!

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