Friday, January 20, 2012

Education for Innkeepers - PAII Conference

I am on my way to Little Rock, Arkansas to attend the annual Innkeeping Show and Conference presented by PAII. The Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) is the B&B professional's advocate, lobbyist, education lead, and networking medium. I will be learning more great stuff about how to improve Pheasant Field for all of our guests. I will also be sharing some of my experience with "newbies" (new or aspiring innkeepers). This is a wonderful time to connect with old friends in the business and make new innkeeper friends across the country.
Our original plan was to leave after breakfast on Saturday, but the weather report was not good for travel. So we left late this afternoon (to beat the wintry weather) after making arrangements for Chef Amber Clay to prepare breakfast for all of our guests tomorrow. Anne, from Two Hearts Innsitting, will be assisting Chuck (or maybe Chuck will be assisting Anne!) all next week with everything around the B&B.

The improvement to the barn (see prior post) were finished late this afternoon. YEA! I will post pictures of the finished project soon.
Have a great weekend!

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