Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I wish I knew more about mushrooms! As many of you know, horses live here on the property of Pheasant Field B&B. When you mix the "fertilizer" produced by the horses with sawdust (their bedding), you have a wonderful base for growing things. Add water - lots of water in the form of rain from lingering storms - and voila! You find mushrooms!

Check out these pictures:
Notice how big the white one is - about 8 inches in diameter! And the little "flower" near the top is actually another mushroom! The one at the bottom left is pink-ish in color and the last one is grey. What a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors!

On some of the paths around our 10 acre property, we use wood chips as a base. It's a natural product and we have the source right here. Some interesting things were growing there too. Look at these---

The ones on the left are bright orange but when mature, the top turns brown and looks like wet mud.
The ones one the right grow in a tight knit group.

I will not use any of these in my kitchen because I don't know anything about them except how interesting and beautiful they are! I will continue to buy my mushrooms from my local grocer -- but still have some fun watching nature at work!

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