Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally - we got the power!

"Irene" caused lots of power outages here in the Cumberland Valley. High winds and heavy rains caused our power to go off at about 3:30 AM on Sunday. It was restored at 10:30 AM this morning - just as some of our Corvette show regular guests were leaving. So now "we got the power" back!!!!
We want to say a BIG "THANKS!" to so many people who supported us during this 'adventure':
To our guests - Dean, Jack, Julie, Bill, Katherine, Joe, Ilene -- Thank you for being understanding, shrugging your shoulders, and laughing at our situation! You're the best!!!!!
Kathy, Nancy, and Phyllis - "the barn ladies" - they 'schlepped' water from home for the horses, cleaned stalls with light from flashlights, and even took some of our frozen food home with them to keep it frozen. THANKS so much!!!!!
To Bill, Mike, Kate, Kay, Sara -- who provided moral support, brought chain saws, brought hot coffee for our guests' breakfast, cleaned using disinfecting wet wipes, and helped charge our cell phones and laptop at their homes. It was great to have your support and to see your smiling faces here for help in a time of some stress.
To our neighbors who helped flag down the power company truck as it passed by. Even though I had called numerous times to check on the progress of the restoration of power, our utility company did not realize that we were still "sans electric"! Our neighbor literally ran out to the road and pointed out the fuse on the nearby transformer that had popped during the storm (discovered thanks to Dean's detective work!!!) WOW - what great neighbors!

We know that we had it easy as far as storm damage - it was really just slight inconvenience for us. We pray for all those folks who were hit really hard by the storm that relief will come to them, power be restored to them, and that they will have the strength and support to rebuild their homes and their lives.

Goodbye and good riddance to "Irene"! It's now sunny and pleasant here at Pheasant Field B&B! It will be absolutely beautiful for the next few days! Join us for some sunshine and pleasant breezes!

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