Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Historic Marker

In New Kingstown today there is a new historic marker being unveiled. One of our local innkeepers, Mary Jane Kretzing-Karlson has worked tirelessly on getting this recognition for a local historic site. Read more about this event. Congratulations Mary Jane! We had guests stay with us who are attending this event too. The nice weather today will help make this a wonderful day for all attendees.

3 Women; 3 Horses; 3 Days -- This is a tale about 3 ladies (a mom & 2 twin daughters) who are staying with us for 3 days to do a little trail riding before the young ladies head off to college. They took their 3 horses to Michaux State Forrest yesterday and had a wonderful ride - longer than expected! The ride "home", back to Pheasant Field, was also longer than expected. I actually called them at about 6:45 PM to see if we needed to send out a search party. But happily, they were just a mile away at that point. Lesson for the day: don't believe your GPS when traveling on dirt roads in the state forrest! More on this adventure tomorrow...

The Potomac Pedalers are back! This bike club, based in the Washington DC area, makes an annual weekend visit to a local resort. They will enjoy lots of different cycling routes - from level short/easy routes to serious climbs in our mountain areas. A few of the participants are staying here at Pheasant Field and enjoying the countryside nearby. Welcome back Pedalers!

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