Monday, May 31, 2010

Lightening and Lightening Bugs

Tonight after I stopped mowing the horse pasture, I decided just to sit on the front porch for a little while. There was lightening streaking across the sky toward the north east. Some of the lightening just lit up the clouds while other streaks were sharp horizontal or vertical jagged lines, making me aware that somewhere, probably 5 to 8 miles away, neighbors were experiencing a fairly severe storm. The far off storm created a wonderful light show for me on my front porch - much like a fireworks display.

In contrast to the storm in the distance, I saw my first lightening bugs (or fireflies) of the year in our yard in front of the porch. The small yellow/white lighted insects would move up as they flashed their flirtatious mating signal. What small, gentle creatures which return each year to signal the beginning of summer.

These two contrasting experiences this evening reminded me of events and past guests here at Pheasant Field B&B. The lightening reminded of the afternoon our huge maple tree was struck by lightening. The tree stood just 12 feet away from the back door. I was standing near the back door when the loud clap of thunder sounded simultaneously with the bight light and the feeling of the static electricity. The tree's bark was split and we lost a few electronic devices from that strike - but we were fortunate to avoid any major damage.

The lightening bugs reminded me of two sets of previous guests. The first couple I thought of were from Los Vegas and had never seen these little creatures. They sat on the front porch for over and hour fascinated by the small glow each bug made. The other guest was a fascinating scientist who was actually part of the team of researchers who finally, really figured out how the lightening bugs light! Even thought that mystery is solved for some scientists, it still just fascinates me and causes me to be in awe of this wonderful planet we call home.

I wish you all wonderful Memorial Day and hope that you paused to remember those heros who served to keep us free.

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