Saturday, May 23, 2009

FRESH Strawberries

This "job" is so much fun!   

Earlier today, one of our local farmers called to tell us that he picked the first batch of strawberries for the season.  Chuck drove right over and was able to get 6 boxes of the freshest strawberries ever.  So you can guess what tomorrow morning's fruit will be...yes, very FRESH local strawberries! 

Today is World Turtle Day.  Three sisters staying with us stopped along the road to pick up a box turtle which was in danger of being hit on the road.  He is now a resident of Pheasant Field's pond across the road from the Bed & Breakfast.  I will need to ask him/her (the turtle that is) about special dietary restrictions or food allergies.  This new resident will need a name.  The guests will have fun deciding what name is appropriate for him/her.

Carlisle is a wonderful "small town USA" type of place. There are flower baskets hanging from the lamp posts in downtown Carlisle and big yellow ribbons and red/white/blue ribbons on light posts too.  We will have a parade on Monday, and a short memorial service to honor the service men & women who gave everything for our freedoms.  We hope you also will pause for a few moments sometime this holiday weekend to remember those brave folks and say Thanks for the freedoms we enjoy. 

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